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What is it about Xylitol that makes it a great alternative to traditional sugars? Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate which is a natural sugar alcohol that helps prevents cavities. Xylitol is a naturally occurring wood-based sweetener with all the taste and sweetness but only half the calories of sugar. You may recognize other sugar alcohols used in sugarless products. It is a sweetener used in many foods and products for people (things like certain gum, sugarless ice cream and more.). Its widely used as sweetener in pharmaceutical and food industries. It helps in burning fat by lowering calorie level in body.

Geleriya Products stands as the one of the best supplier and manufacturer of all India which includes xylitol sugarfree product which is used as sweetener. We provide Xylitol Powder at best price in India.

Request for quotations and connect with the most trusted Xylitol supplier. Geleriya Products is a wholesale bulk supplier of Xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol produced through the hydrogenation of xylose.

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  • Brand:Shandong Lujian
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 kg

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